About Us
Shenzhen Mingcheng Living Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Mingcheng Living Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2016 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. It is a household paper manufacturing enterprise integrating base paper production, finished product processing, operation and sales.
Our company was founded in Shenzhen, China, adjacent to Hong Kong, an international metropolis. Shenzhen is a special economic city in China and one of the important cities in south China. It is developed economy, convenient transportation, very conducive to our development.
In order to adapt to and meet the needs of global consumers at different levels, different habits of cleaning and sanitation. the company has continuously improved the machine, improved the production process, and has been equipped with the most advanced paper production machinery and equipment, and introduced a group of technical developers and excellent management personnel. The company gradually expanded from a small team of more than 10 people to a large team of more than 40 people.